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Jomee Jomaa is D-U-N-S Registered!

Jomee Jomaa Ltd. is a D-U-N-S Registered financial-technology company providing innovative and digital solutions for its users to invest in land properties in Bangladesh. Please click on the logo on the left to view the online D-U-N-S Registered profile.

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Why invest with Jomee Jomaa

Simplified investing

Jomee Jomaa makes investing in land as easy as ordering food online, breaking down complex processes so you can focus on growing your wealth.

Affordable access

We enable the opportunity to invest in land with as little as BDT 1,000, making it accessible for anyone to start investing today.

Diversified risk

With Jomee Jomaa, spread your investments across various plots of lands at different locations, reducing risk and increasing your potential for returns.

Effortless experience

Our team takes care of the buying, holding, and selling of land plots, making land investment easy, efficient, and stress-free for you.

How it works


Selecting land

Our expert agents find land plots with the potential to generate high profits.



Jomee Jomaa then verifies all paperwork related to the land and upon successful completion of due diligence, acquires rights to the land.


Opening investments

Jomee Jomaa then lists fractionalized shares/units of the land plot for its users to purchase at 1000 taka per share/unit.


Holding units

Jomee Jomaa holds the land plot as it appreciates in value over time and then sells it to a third party at maturity. Upon sale, the profit/gain is distributed across all unit holders.


Selling units

Users can list and sell their units/shares at anytime to other users in the secondary market. This allows users to exit with current profit earlier than the maturity period.


Profit split

Whether through selling in the secondary marketplace or upon sell to a third party at maturity, all profits generated have an 80% to 20% split. The user keeps 80% of all profits generated and Jomee Jomaa keeps 20%.

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First fractional investing in the Bangladeshi real estate market.

Lower the barrier to entry and thus democratize access to real estate investments.

Our platform aims to ensure customer satisfaction. We make profit when our users make profit

Well researched and vetted plots of land that have high likelihood of making high profit

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